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Since the beginning of this year, US states together, have committed to over 8,000MW of offshore wind by 2030. And now, these long-term commitments by states have started to materialize in near term actual projects. PES brings you the latest update from GustoMSC. Building a long-term industry on near term projects In May this

No matter how much the solar industry talks a good game about sustainability, the reality is that we are ignoring a looming issue: solar waste. There will be at least 24 billion PV modules installed on earth by 2050 – enough to stretch to the moon and back. That’s a conservative estimate.

The battery market is seeing unprecedented interest and investment. This comes from existing battery manufacturers, vehicle makers, chemical companies, energy suppliers and others, with many businesses moving outside their traditional comfort zones. However, amid all the positive announcements, return on investment has so far been slight. Companies, whether new entrants or existing

Offshore power cables are the Achilles heel of the offshore wind industry. Without them, no energy is delivered to the main land. Unfortunately, these cables are often damaged by external reasons, most by collision with anchors or fishing nets. The Belgian start-up company, Marlinks, has a solution and PES wanted to know

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