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PES caught up with Hans Gatzemeier, Managing Director, ELA Container Offshore GmbH, to ask him about their temporary accommodation solutions. These are availbale for sale or rent and standardised modules can be customised to fit various requirements. Crew comfort and safety are paramount. PES: Welcome back to PES Wind magazine, it’s great to

Pfeiffer Vacuum are specialists in vacuum technology. They provide the highest quality testing in order to provide top class products. Here we learn about the importance of the pump down curves and the different materials that can affect them. Displaying and interpreting processes in different vacuum ranges Pump down curves are a popular control

The battery market is seeing unprecedented interest and investment. This comes from existing battery manufacturers, vehicle makers, chemical companies, energy suppliers and others, with many businesses moving outside their traditional comfort zones. However, amid all the positive announcements, return on investment has so far been slight. Companies, whether new entrants or existing

Lindø Industrial Park saves time and manpower by replacing heavy polyester slings with lightweight Dynamica SafeLift slings manufactured in Dyneema®. The industrial park on Funen has a great experience with the handling and shipping of large components for the offshore and heavy industry. The industrial zone in Odense is, amongst other things, a

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