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Mini-grids have become the solution for efficient and economic electrification in developing countries and in remote areas. PES gets an overview of the different configurations available from Pablo Muñoz, Technical Support Manager at Studer Innotec*. He will also be a guest speaker, at the Intersolar Europe Conference 2018, on this topic. PES: Welcome

PES had an in depth interview with Hans-Peter Zimmer, CEO, blade care GmbH and trainer at the blade care Academy. The Academy has been going for almost 10 years, welcomes students from around the world and the demand is still growing. blade care also offers a variety of consultancy services. This is

The history of the global PV industry is one that is defined by innovation. And now, more than ever, the continuing growth and sustained health of the solar sector is further enabling companies to invest in R&D. From tech start-ups to global electronics companies, new components that deliver marginal improvements or game-changing

PES had a very thought-provoking discussion with Matt Perry, who is a Technical Product Manager and co-founding member of the Renewable Energy Group, as well as the Chair of the Sustainability Committee, at Campbell Scientific, Inc. He also serves on the Logan City Renewable Energy and Conservation Advisory Board. Outside of work,

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