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André Moura, Founder and CEO of Pro-Drone, Integrated Solutions for the Inspection of Energy Infrastructure, sat down with PES to tell us his perspective on drone inspections and how his company differs from other players in the market. Their experience and strategy means this company is here to stay and remain one

With the continuous progression of the offshore wind industry we find more operators than ever searching for effective and efficient solutions to their operations. In the wind energy sector, modular units can be placed on a huge variety of vessels and barges to accommodate the manpower required during the commissioning phase of

Offshore wind turbines are the giants of wind power and their construction is an impressive spectacle. Extremely heavy, massive components are moved on the water by even more powerful equipment. Over the past decade, the German company Schmidbauer GmbH & Co. KG has established itself as a logistics partner for the offshore industry.

Data can be our crystal ball. With advanced analytical tools, we can harness the flow of data from turbines, solar cells, dams, our organisations and even external sources, such as energy markets, to optimize performance and earnings. You can look into the future, now. Businesses thrive on predictability. Stable demand, stable supply, stable

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