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Hans Gatzemeier, Managing Director at ELA Container Offshore GmbH, caught up with us at PES to talk about the history of the company and its rapid growth over the last few years. In 5 years, ELA Offshore has blossomed into a flourishing global business. It’s still family owned and run and sets

The growing importance of sustainable energy is encouraging the wind industry market to aim for larger wind turbines and bigger wind farms. Driven by the search for larger construction areas, the offshore market began to spike investors’ interest. However, it quickly became obvious that this dynamic working environment is associated with new

Kristian Holm, VP Renewables, Kongsberg Digital, dropped in to PES to give us his views on our industry and digitalization in particular. We know that cost and time saving have been a top priority for turbine owners and operators for many years and here we learn how it is possible to achieve

According to the World Economic Forum, the Internet of Things (IoT) which focuses on the extension of internet connectivity to everyday physical devices will be the driver of the fourth industrial revolution1. The Internet of Things represents a new reality, the data collected from internet devices can be used to enhance efficiency, develop

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