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No matter how much the solar industry talks a good game about sustainability, the reality is that we are ignoring a looming issue: solar waste. There will be at least 24 billion PV modules installed on earth by 2050 – enough to stretch to the moon and back. That’s a conservative estimate.

Silicon heterojunction solar cells (SHJ) have gained more attention during this past decade as a good candidate for being the next generation of mainstream photovoltaics. This might be explained as a consequence of high solar cell power conversion efficiency at a moderate cost. The efficiency potential of SHJ solar cell is now

Part of A. Silva Matos Group, founded in 1980, a family owned Portuguese Industrial Group operating in the steel industry worldwide, ASM Industries (ASMI) is a holding company that operates in the manufacturing of steel equipment for the renewable and marine industries. The company is nowadays a reference in the supply chain

Offshore wind turbines are the giants of wind power and their construction is an impressive spectacle. Extremely heavy, massive components are moved on the water by even more powerful equipment. Over the past decade, the German company Schmidbauer GmbH & Co. KG has established itself as a logistics partner for the offshore industry.

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