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With the continuous progression of the offshore wind industry we find more operators than ever searching for effective and efficient solutions to their operations. In the wind energy sector, modular units can be placed on a huge variety of vessels and barges to accommodate the manpower required during the commissioning phase of

Standardization efforts by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for measuring PV devices have played a key role in the widespread application of this technology. With the maturing and diversification of the PV industry new standards, which define power measurements beyond standard test conditions (STC) are becoming more relevant. Such measurements, which are used

PES had a very thought-provoking discussion with Matt Perry, who is a Technical Product Manager and co-founding member of the Renewable Energy Group, as well as the Chair of the Sustainability Committee, at Campbell Scientific, Inc. He also serves on the Logan City Renewable Energy and Conservation Advisory Board. Outside of work,

PES met up with Per-Olof Sverlinger, the recently appointed CEO at MMT. Consolidation, growth and innovation are very much in the forefront. He brings with him the necessary wealth of experience in consultancy, civil engineering and mine clearing to take this expanding company forward. PES: Hi P-O, it’s great to have this chance

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