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Global energy consumption is steadily increasing, with an average increase in energy demand twice the year before. The demand was primarily met by fossil fuels, followed by renewable energy sources. In the year 2018, renewables accounted for more than 25% of global electricity supply capacity and this share is expected to increase

Gordon Clements General Manager of VARTA Storage, dropped by to give PES his views on the energy storage market. A market, which he is sure will continue to grow. Systems have to evolve quickly and be adaptable to meet the consumers’ changing needs and there are many combinations on offer. PES: Hi Gordon,

A quick and easy AC solution, or a highly sophisticated connection using DC technology? The best transmission solution for offshore wind parks depends on both distance and output. But cost is key: for both technologies, Siemens is putting all its development efforts into downsizing and standardization, in order to minimize installation and

The good news has been public knowledge for a long time: all forecasts show strong worldwide expansion of renewable energies. This is particularly true of wind energy. One interesting aspect is to closely examine the expertise that is decisive for expansion at country or continental level. This includes the area of maintenance

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